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Monday, September 20, 2010

THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW!!! 37% of Ghana's Farmland Recolonized!!!

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Author: Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.
Date: 2010-09-18 08:18:38
Comment to: 37% of Ghana's Farmland Recolonized

This is very very serious! We were supposed to fight for the total emancipation of the whole continent of Africa, not to lose our liberated zones! What happened to the Osagyefo dream?

We need to go beyond the politics of complaints with the politics of organized protest and resistance.

I am proposing, as a matter of extreme urgency, a two-phase strategy to ignite the appropriate response to this threat to out territorial integrity!


Please help Spread the word!

1, Let us all copy this link in the browser and send as many e-mails as possible to their family and friends and the family and friends of their family and friends! People must know what is going on. There is no way change is going to come if the people are left in the dark about this powerful menace.
This is a role everyone who cares can play in helping to defeat the neocolonialist enemy. E-mail this page and invite responsible citizens into this forum; and

2, Let us all appeal to all Ghanaians, irrespective of party political affiliations, to make their voices heard! We may eventually have to name and shame, but this is not the time to play politics and alienate people in whose interest this is all about! Just spread the word! By SMS, by phone calls, by Facebook, by Twitter by Church announcements, in the Mosques, in the discotheques, on the radio and by every means at your dispossal! Remember we are dealing with very extremely powerful interests. We can only defeat them by the means of a conscious , systematic, and a determined mass resistance. We are nowhere near there. Please spread the word!


1, Let us all help in organising public and private debates, conference, symposia on the issue. I strongly recommend the individuals take their own initiatives and invite close friends and form small groups whose sole aim is to inform themselves more about this issue and to spread the word,

2. Let us all find out those who are spreading the same word, develop protocols of engagement and work together not only on this matter but on all fronts, in the identification, defence and the advancement of the
interests of Main Street Africa as opposed to those of Wall Street, New York! As you know, the way one gets political strength is with numbers.  Lots of small groups accomplish a lot more if they join together and avoid arguing about internal differences.

3,  I would think it would be useful to contact RAINS and work with them.  They already are in place on the ground and have experience working with these issues.  And there may be other groups as well. The saying we hear all the time in the US is: don't reinvent the wheel.  If someone else already has it rolling, connect up with them.  Food Security Ghana might be good also, but they might not be in Ghana. Although who knows, they may be working with people there. Crossed Crocodilles linked them in the article too: "We need a more aggressive campaign to halt land grabbing. We need to engage with traditional rulers, District Assemblies and Politicians about this ominous phenomenon. We need visibility through print and electronic media to put our message across effectively to a wider audience. RAINS has a strategy to build on the rapport that it has developed through the OSIWA project with traditional rulers to open up another channel for engagement. We cannot afford to be caught unawares in this war with the biofuel companies. The ancestors are on our side and we shall win the war!" by Bakari Nyari, Vice Chairman of RAINS (http://www.rainsgha.org/) - Regional Advisory and Information Network Systems, Ghana, and Ghana and African Biodiversity Network Steering Committee member

4, Propose related issues that enhance situational awareness of the real and present dangers facing the poor people of Africa and the world such as globla warming and climate change, GMO Assault on Africa, US Africa Command, Lands Grabs in Africa, etc., etc.

You may want to comment on this comment and help to make the message sharper!


Forward Ever! Backwards Never!!!

Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.
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