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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Burning Man Strikes At The Heart Of Ouattara's Legitimacy!

The following story which appeared in the Chroniquesénégalaises caught my attention recently. I have been literary traumatised by it. It has become intrusive and repetitive of late that the only way to deal with it is to talk about it. The story states that on 1 April 2011, while committing the killings FRCI Duékoué Sogoni BAMBA, communications advisor of Alassane Ouattara, had a picture of a man burned to death on France 24:


 South African policemen attend to Mozambican immigrant Ernesto Alfabeto

This photo was presented by Ms. Bamba as an exaction  by supporters of Laurent Gbagbo, to justify the bloody offensive of FRCI is indeed that of Ernesto Alfabeto Nhamuave who was burned alive in Johannesburg May 18, 2008 during a riot:

« Côte d’Ivoire la guerre civile », France 24 le 01/04/2011, 9ème minute]
Oui ils [les FRCI pro-Ouattara] descendent vers le sud, et je pense que c’est par légitime défense, parce que vous ne pouvez pas avoir un monsieur qui a gouverné un pays, et qui peut accepter de laisser ses partisans brûler des jeunes comme ça ! Vous ne pouvez pas ! Aujourd’hui, on ne peut pas regarder ça. […] Il faut montrer ce que les hommes de Gbagbo ont fait, c’est donc une légitime défense !

"Yes they [pro-Ouattara FRCI] down south, and I think it's in self defence because you can not have a man who ruled a country, and may be willing to let his supporters burn young people like that! You can not! Today, we can not watch this. [...] We must show what Gbagbo's men have done, it is therefore legitimate defence!"

This photo has illustrated various sections of the Ivorian press, including that favourable to Mr. Ouattara (koaci.com) from November 2010.

Xenophobia in South Africa

The Guardian reported: "Mobs rampaged through poor suburbs of Johannesburg in a series of attacks against foreigners, mainly Zimbabweans, over the weekend, killing seven people, injuring at least 50 and forcing hundreds to seek refuge at police stations.

Two of those killed were burned to death and three beaten to death. The injured suffered gunshot and stab wounds. Johannesburg police were warning motorists to avoid the city's business district. "It's spreading like a wildfire and the police and the army can't control it," said Emmerson Zifo, a Zimbabwean."


"In a clash between the poorest of the poor, gangs of local black South Africans descended on informal settlements and shanty towns, armed with clubs, machetes and torches, and attacked immigrants from Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabawe. Locals accused these immigrants of taking jobs away from them, among other grievances. Over the course of those two weeks, over 60 foreigners were killed, several hundred injured, and many thousands of immigrants are now displaced, or are returning to their home countries. Dealing with the aftermath of the attacks has become a large problem for South Africa - prosecuting attackers, accommodating refugees, dealing with a labor shortage, political damage control, seeking to address root causes, and some soul-searching are all taking place." http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2008/06/xenophobia_in_south_africa.html

Saturday 24 October 2009
5.00 pm – 6.00 pm
Nameless 52

The Burning Man
Adze Ugah
South Africa
24 mins
South Africa, 2008: Ernesto Alfabeto Nhamuave, a Mozambican national, is burnt to death by a xenophobic mob. The media dubs him "The Burning Man".
Nigerian filmmaker Adze Ugah tries to understand who Ernesto really was, what the events were that led to this atrocity, and how it could have happened in the post-Apartheid South Africa of the Rainbow Nation... A South Africa where countless people- like the perpetrators as much as the victim of this crime- still live in poverty.

This film seeks to give "The Burning Man" back the dignity of his own name.

What Lay Behind The Violence?
"President Thabo Mbeki announced a panel had been set up to discover what lay behind the violence and the leader of the ruling ANC, Jacob Zuma, condemned the violence, warning that "we cannot be a xenophobic country". He said he could not understand how South Africans could be hostile to foreigners when the same foreign countries had given refuge to South Africans during the liberation struggle." the Guardian

The violence started last week in the old Alexandra shanty town. The clashes spread from Alexandra to the townships of Diepsloot, Thokoza and Tembisa.

"Those taking part in the attacks complained of the "theft" of jobs by foreigners. Zimbabweans have been flooding into South African in search of work following Robert Mugabe's destruction of the local economy." the Guardian.


Monday, 12 May 2008 21:26 UK

US Supreme Court Allows Apartheid Claims * BBC World Service, Page last updated at 20:26 GMT, Monday, 12 May 2008 21:26 UK

The US Supreme Court has cleared the way for a lawsuit against major international companies accused of aiding South Africa's apartheid system.

The court said it could not intervene over the case because of a potential conflict of interests.

Four of the nine justices had ties to the firms involved and could not rule on the case, it said.

By law, at least six justices must sit in order for the Supreme Court to hear a case.

As a result, the court could only uphold a lower court ruling allowing a lawsuit to go ahead against firms accused of aiding South Africa's apartheid system.

Apartheid was a policy which enforced a separation of the nation's races from the 1940s until the early 1990s.

The victims are seeking damages reported to be worth more than $400bn (£205bn).

Financial interests

Among the corporations accused in the lawsuit are oil firms BP and Exxon Mobil, banks including Citigroup and Deutsche Bank and multinationals like General Motors and Ford.

The plaintiffs bringing the lawsuit argue that the corporations violated international law by assisting South Africa's former apartheid government.

An appeals court in New York ruled last year that the lawsuit, being brought under a US law which allows foreigners to sue in US courts over breaches of international law, could proceed.

The Bush administration, the current South African government and business groups had sought the intervention of the Supreme Court.

They argue that the legal action is damaging to international relations and may threaten South Africa's economic development.

However, the court's hands were tied by federal laws requiring at least six of the nine justices to hear any case.

Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Stephen Breyer and Samuel Alito all had to sit out because they had financial interests in some of the companies concerned.

According to the Associated Press news agency, Mr Roberts owns stock in Hewlett Packard, Mr Alito has shares in Exxon Mobil and Mr Breyer has stock in Colgate-Palmolive, Bank of America, IBM and Nestle.

Justice Anthony Kennedy sat out the case because his son works for Credit Suisse, another company concerned.

'These people get killed for nothing'


The headlines of the papers at the newsstand at the Bree Street taxi rank on Monday reflect the deadly xenophobic violence that spread around Johannesburg on the weekend.

"Violence flares up," the Sowetan says. "Flames of hate" is the headline of both the Star and the Times. It's a normal working day in Newtown, but it's not business as usual.

In Jeppe Street, several shops are closed for the day. Metal roller-doors are down and the streets are quieter than usual. After a night of anti-foreigner violence that claimed at least 22 lives and in which scores were injured, frightened people fled to the sanctuary of the Jeppe police station.

Rajia Rashid (26), from Pakistan, has opened his blanket shop in Sauer Street, but his brother's shop in Small Street is closed.

Says Rashid: "In that part [of town], it's bad. They are beating up foreigners. Malawi people, Mozambican, Zimbabweans, Indians. These Zulu people kill everyone."

Witnesses of the violence in the inner city on the weekend had also reported that Zulus were among those attacking both foreigners and South Africans of other groups, such as Pedis and Shangaans.

Rashid arrived in the country six years ago and gets on well with South Africans. "They are nice people, nice in helping you, nice for business. But Jacob Zuma is only for the Zulus, that's why this is happening," he says.

Although a foreigner himself, Rashid is not afraid. "I am not scared. I'm from Pakistan, I am used to these things."

Suddenly, the sound of a crowd fleeing the violence is heard. People are running past Rashid's shop towards Pritchard Street, and customers in the shop start panicking. Rashid's colleague immediately rolls down the metal doors, urging people to get out, otherwise "you'll get stuck in this shop".

Itumeleng (20), one of the people running down the street, is on her way to Braamfontein's Damelin College to write an exam. "This is ridiculous," she says. "These people get killed for nothing. These people helped us, a lot of us went to exile in these [foreign] countries. Now these people need help. We might also have a rainy day [in the future]."

Many foreigners are now crowded into the Central Methodist church, known as a haven for asylum-seekers and refugees. On Sunday, 300 more fled to the church looking for sanctuary.

Cyril Sikhosana (24) arrived at the church at about 3pm on Sunday after he had fled his house in Rosettenville. "A group of Zulu guys from the neighbourhood came. They asked around where foreigners lived. They were violent, they had sticks and guns but they didn't use them."

Sikhosana managed to escape through the back door. "Initially we ran, but after a while we started to walk, because we realised that we were attracting attention. I was very scared, because I had read in the newspapers that people had been killed.

"I don't think it is good for foreigners to come here any longer. I worked here and all my property is gone overnight."

Now that many of these people are no longer going to work during the day for fear of being attacked, the church is packed with people. John Dumba (24), who has lived in the church since March, says: "They [the attackers] rather attack people one by one. Here we are with a lot of us. People are depending on numbers now."

But, according to Dumba, "they already tried to attack us twice. On Sunday a lot of Zulus came in kombis. They were dropped off by taxi drivers at four places, each group with five people. They were shouting 'Makwerekwere [foreigners].'"

Bishop Paul Verryn expresses the atmosphere of fear in his church. "Yesterday [on Sunday] at the service you could feel the restlessness. At the end we gave people the opportunity to talk about the things that happened. That calmed things down a bit."

Verryn is very worried about the situation, calling for the nation to no longer to ignore the gap between the haves and the have-nots. "We must no longer ignore that communities are very disgruntled; this is really the poor fighting the poor ... It's an out-of-control paradigm."

How is he going to cope with the increase of refugees in a church that is already packed with people? "We are not going to cope. It's becoming impossible now with 1Â 800 people. But we do what we have tried to do the last four years."

Says Sikhosana: "All these people are involuntary unemployed now because they can't go to work. We don't have food, how are we going to live here? ... I was sitting all night, there is no space to sleep."

Dumba adds: "We all don't sleep. We are anticipating an attack all the time."


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Comment: Chief to die by hanging

Comment: Chief to die by hanging
Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro

This is disgusting! Abolish the capital punishment! This man, if guilty, deserves a very severe punishment. It can be life, but don't take away his life. It is not up to anyone to do so!

An opposition to the capital punishment is not a support for the criminals, but upholding the sanctity of life for all human beings without pre-conditions. That is what the state should be about!

Read story:  Chief to die by hanging

Comment: Excellent response! MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

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Comment: Excellent response! MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

Author: Office of Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odik
Date: 2011-06-08 12:59:42

a companion of the black star!

TO: Vodoo Xebieso, Esq.,
SUBJECT: Excellent response! MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

Dear Mr. Vodoo Xebieso,

I have been instructed by the Odikro to give you his revolutionary greetings!

Nana Odikro is highly pleased with your elegant show of class and comportment in the face of extreme nonsense.

Your mood is cool and constructive. Your message is screaming with the facts, even though you only allude to them.

Ekow Koomson does not feel insulted, but shamed. He is not likely to sustain and inter-tribal war on Ghanaweb for long, if everyone behaved like you!

You even open the door for the two of you to become friends instead of enemies, in response to a door opened for the two of you to become enemies instead of friends.

You make the enemies of Ghana sad, whilst you bring happy smiles on the lips of all those who love Ghana, her peace, economic development, and social progress!

May God Bless You!

Forward Ever! Backwards Never!!!


Pur'gu Saarpe!
Secretary to the Odikro, Nana Akyea Mensah II,

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Friday, June 3, 2011

One Response to Why Kwesi Pratt Backs Mills

One Response to Why Kwesi Pratt Backs Mills

Why Rawlings Backs His Wife
Author: Nana Akyea Mensah
Date: Fri, 03 Jun 2011 18:10:00

Why Rawlings Backs His Wife

This is plain silly! The amount of chutzpah required to make such an utterance is remarkably impressive! If Kwesi Pratt Jnr., were to be opposed to Rawlings simply because of butter on his bread, why did he refuse Rawlins’ butter and go to prison seventeen times fighting his dictatorship? Mr. Kwame Wiafe, Augustus Owusu-Gyimah, Kwesi Pratt Jnr., and Akoto Ampaw made Adu Boahene the Chairman of the Movement for Freedom and Justice. They worked together for two years before there was any visible signs that the PNDC would be giving in to the popular demands of Ghana’s pro-democracy forces. After winning his party’s nomination as the NPP flag-bearer, we decide to visit Prof. Adu Boahehe’s house at the Airport Residential Area, to go and congratulate him.

It was a very familiar place. Some of us were even friends with his wife. There was always a bottle of “Castle Bridge” or some other “London Dry Gin” on the table. All you needed was a clean glass to help yourself. I always did! The conversations were always friendly, even when we felt that the Prof. was not pulling his weight enough.

A day or two after Adu Boahehe’s victory, upon arrival at his residence, even Kwesi Pratt Jnr was subjected to a body search for weapons before being allowed in to go and congratulate the Professor. It was very shocking and extremely disappointing. We all knew that Kwesi and Adu Boahene were not bossom friends, but to think that Kwesi would hide a weapon on himself to go and assassinate Adu Boahene was mind-blowing!

We continued to support Adu Boahene all the same, simply because, at that time the only thing that mattered for us was to prevent the (P)NDC from consolidating itself further in power. I met Kwesi in London just before the 2008 elections. We both agreed that it was very important for the NPP to leave the scene and not to consolidate its impunity and corruption and incompetence on Ghanaians.

These were followed up with public utterances by Mr. Pratt which coherently explained the basis of our principled stances on national issues. One thing about every genuine bastard who is greedy is that he thinks that everyone else is like him – a greedy bastard! Kwesi Pratt is never alone! We have clearly accounted for our political stances. They are very simple and straight to the point. This is not rocket science.

I am therefore very confident that the discerning public would correctly read in between the lines, and know without effort whose stomach sac interferes with his political allegiances? Is it the famous Amnesty International acclaimed “prisoner of conscience”, or Kofi Adams?

He even makes me laugh. I was arrested with Kwesi in 1992, and sent to the Accra Central Police station near the Ghana Cocoa Board Headquarters. It would be my first time in the hands of the Rawlings’ dictatorship. For Kwesi however, it was his seventeenth time! Is this idiot saying that his boss was arresting Kwesi in order to protect his pot belly?

Who is talking to protect his stomach here? One thing is clear. Considering the level of nonsense coming out of the Rawlings camp, President Mills is going to win massively. The spokesperson of the Rawlingstas has nothing sensible to say. We just have to put up with his comic relief until his boss comes down crushing!
Does this not somehow explain rather why Rawlings backs his wife!

Forward Ever! Backwards Never!!!


Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro

Comment on "The June 4 Libation" by Kwesi Adu

Comment: A very great libation to the true heros of June 4 and a strong indictment to a living charlatan!
Please read article:

The June 4 Libation

By Kwasi Adu

(Holding an open bottle of Henkes Schnapps in one hand and water –for those who do not take alcohol- in the other).
Nananom, Nsamanfo, mo ngye nsa nom. Here is your drink. LAC Osei Tutu, here is your drink. Lt Agyeman-Bio, a drink! Cpl. C.C. Addai. a drink!. Sgt. Matthew Awaar, Drink! Cpl. Halidu Giwa. Drink!. Sergeant Malik; your drink! Pte Sylvester Tanti Adamogire, Drink! Pte Abdulai Gamel, Drink!!  Ekow Bonard, have a drink! Bartels; here is your drink. Kwame Adjimah, come and take your drink. We cannot mention all of you; but to all our departed friends, come for your drink. Tomorrow is June 4. On a day like this, we remember all of you. All of you who rose up in the name of probity, accountability, anti-corruption, abuse of power, impunity, defence of truth, and protection of the poor and disadvantaged.
LAC Osei Tutu; have a drink. You were the first one to fall. That was on May 15. You did not live to see what happened three weeks later. But when others heard of the reason behind your move, they rallied and took action to continue what you had set out to do. When you fell, your wife was pregnant. Those with whom you moved on May 15 did not ask about, nor even visit your pregnant wife.
Lt Agyeman-Bio! Have a drink. You are the real hero. You fell on June 4 even before the battle was won. It was your bravery and decisiveness that made you lead the troops that very dawn. You led from the front, not from the rear. What an Osahene! The ideals that you held, that spurred you on to make that decisive move will live on. It does not matter that some of those who you thought held the same views as you have turned into something else. They have turned their backs on the very things that you thought they stood for, and because of which you were prepared to lay down your life. They have now done very well for themselves, doing the very things that you stood against and which you thought they also stood against.
Lieutenant, in this world, there are people who for their own selfish reasons, would pounce on other people’s noble ideals, own them, and make everyone else think that they believe in them; when in reality they do not believe a jot of those ideals. What they do is to ride on the back of those ideals, and also on the backs of people who share those ideals, while scheming to have personal advantage.
Now that you are on the other side, you know them more clearly now. That they should have made you to think that they believed in the same ideals with you and you exchanged you life for theirs is unacceptable. But now you know the truth.
I cannot possibly mention all the names of the fallen heroes, because if I start, we will not finish this libation. So collectively, all of you on the other side, come and take your drink. You are the unsung heroes whom very few people know.
The heroes that died later, all because you were betrayed, should come for your drink. Cpl. C.C. Addai. Drink. You died while in exile in Lome in a gruesome way. As you lay dying, you kept saying that you did not want to be buried on foreign soil. You wanted to return to Ghana even if you would be shot in your sick state.
Sgt. Matthew Awaar, (the very handsome one). Drink! Cpl. Halidu Giwa. Drink!. Sergeant Malik; Drink! Pte Sylvester Tanti Adamogire, Drink! Pte Abdulai Gamel, Drink!!  They told you that 31st December was to redeem the masses from poverty and want. They told you that although you were from Northern Ghana, it did not matter if you overthrew a Northern President, because the struggle was not about ethnicity. In good faith, you agreed. Now, look at what they did to you later. Before you were murdered (for that is what it was), you were called “bows and arrows carriers”. What a turn-around! You paid with your lives, not knowing that they only wanted to join the elite.
Akatapore (Saarge) is still alive. Zaya, Napoleon, Atamps, Gariba, Yen, Explo, Nubuor, Braimah, Adabuga, Mambisi, Ali Yemoh, Okpara are all alive. They all remember you. It’s been some time now since you departed, at the hands of those for whom you had initially risked your lives. Drink! You were all shot in the back, against the rules of the military, by people for whom you fought to bring about 31st December. After you were shot dead, your lifeless bodies were dragged along the ground in a manner that even a sheep will not be treated. But you were soldiers, who should not have been treated in that way. You were the foot-the soldiers, who were not just abandoned, but murdered in cold blood by people that you originally trusted.
Private Abrokwa, you died while on duty, thinking that you and people in the leadership were following an ideal. Today, come and see. The ideal has been abandoned and replaced by self-seeking escapades. Cpl. Frimpong, while on duty, working to achieve the ideal, you drowned on Nzuleso, in the Western Region.
Dzakpata is here. Steiner is here. Your premature deaths meant that you could not build the many mansions that the others have built; you could not send your children abroad to have their education. You just died; just like that. Very few people remember or know you. But as for us, you are always in our hearts.
Bartels, another ultimate foot soldier. We remember you as if it were yesterday. Dzakpata and Steiner salute you. After foot soldiering for so long, you managed to get yourself a fishing licence. With the help of some foreign investors, you acquired fishing trawlers to undertake fishing to contribute to the economy. However, he came, took away your licence, and gave it to his mother. You then became poor again, eating roasted groundnuts like we used to do before. When you were diagnosed of diabetes, you did not even have the money to pay for health services. Your leg was amputated; and you finally died. How can a person be so callous to his fellow man, especially one who was supposed to be a friend? But that is how they treat their foot soldiers. These days, they have resurrected the foot-soldier trick again. Strengthen the hearts of those you left behind to be bold.
Kwame Adjimah, here is your drink. On the morning of 31st December, when several people were hesitant to come out to support, you accompanied me to the June 4 farm at Kantamanso, to bring back the members of the Nungua June 4 Movement branch to hold the first demonstration. Later, they shot you, first in the legs; and as you fell down, you held the feet of your PNDC assailant and begged him not to kill you. What he did was to point his pistol to your head, and pressed the trigger, blowing your head apart. Now the Nungua branch of June 4 Movement is dead. Alex Bolabi, Naa Adjeley, Stephen Borquaye etc. are all now “missing in action”.
To all of you, soldiers and civilians, we know that you were well-intentioned. Even in spite of the betrayals, we plead with you to forgive your killers and those whose “thank you” for all your work for them was to murder you. Have a drink.
On such a day, our fond memories of you come to the fore. Be calm. Don’t haunt your traitors; because if you do, you may be blamed for any calamity that might befall them. Leave them to their own devices. They will meet those with larger toes along the way. Send our greetings to the others. One day, the truth shall be known. Nsa, nsa, nsa, nsuo, nsuo, nsuo!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


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Author: Office of Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odik
Date: 2011-06-02 18:30:48

a companion of the black star!!!

Ashantis are also going to vote for President Mills because if they vote for Akufo-Addo, he will block the chance of Alan Cash in 2016. I would rather worry about that problem. Do you know why the last time a supporter of Alan Cash tried to approach the Akufo-Addo Victory 2012 office, he was nearly lynched? It was Asamoah Boateng, and they simply accused him of belonging to the "Agenda 2016"!

This is a far more formidable force in the Ashanti Region. Don't forget that Kufour himself is an Alan Cash man!

Your sweet dreams do no nothing to change the facts on the ground. This is politics. I can only tell you that "small boys are young'!

Forward Ever! Backwards Never!!!

Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.


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Author: Office of Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odik
Date: 2011-06-02 18:00:19
Comment to: Nana Akufo-Addo unveils NPP programme of action

a companion of the black star!!!

Here is a crook whose wits are shorter than his own height! Whom is he trying to deceive? About three days ago, Akufo-Addo came out to say he is adopting the NDC 2008 strategy of house-to-house campaign, including giving big and empty promises to the electorate in order to be voted into office! At least, that is what they believe happened.

Consequently, Akufo-Addo promised "free education for all up to the secondary school"! Wow!

I immediately told them that this strategy is out of date, and it might have worked in 2008, but it will not necessarily work in 2012, so he should try to come out with something original.

Now, we have "programmes" since his "election on August 7, 2010"! Yet the declarations are short on details and tall on generalities! This man is certainly not trying to look funny. He is trying to convince Ghanaians to vote for him. He only looks funny because he sounds so hollow. Thus in trying to do his best and succeeding in talking jazz, he makes himself an unwilling laughing-stock!

What a "smart" guy! He should grow more brains before he asks to be our president. Any idiot can bear a flag! Many are called, but few are chosen. Akufo-Addo's ambitions should be made of sterner stuff! Even then, he simply can't beat President John Evans Atta-Mills!

Forward Ever! Backwards Never!

Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.



Author: Office of Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odik
Date: 2011-06-02 10:38:37

I can now understand how stupid that journalist who quoted you in an article is! You speak the language of rats! And only rats can fathom their dark meanings! We know some of you among us ready to sell your fellow Ghanaians as slaves, if slavery had not been abolished centuries ago! We know how some of you collaborated with the colonialists to lord it over us! We also know how the Akufo-Addo Danquah Institute is actively collaborating with the US Africa Command to establish military bases and the US Africa Command here in Accra, if the Americans so desire!

You are rather the type of Ghanaians our nation should be glad to get rid of, because your greed has no limits. Your stupidity is genocidal!

Forward Ever! Backwards Never!!!