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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Comment on: Enough of Kwame Nkrumah

a companion of the black star,


Dear Mr. George Baah,

I have been instructed by the Odikro to extend to you the Season's greetings!

I have also been instructed to convey to you that you clearly have no idea what you are talking about! I shall make this very short.

You should have done your home work before coming out with such a piece (of nonsense). The reason why we honour Kwame Nkrumah is because of what he represents to us. We do not honour Nkrumah to make him "swollen-headed". The bloke died a long whille ago! We honour Nkrumah to celebrate and define our struggle and to seek inspiration to move on and finish the unfinished business of seeking the political kingdom and making sure that all other things are added unto us!

“We in Africa who are pressing now for unity are deeply conscious of the validity of our purpose. We need the strength of our combined numbers and resources to protect ourselves from the very positive dangers of returning to colonialism in disguised forms. We need it to combat the entrenched forces dividing our continent and still holding back millions of our brothers. We need it to secure total African liberation. We need it to carry forward our construction of a socio-economic system that will support the great mass of our steadily rising population at levels of life which will compare with those in the most advanced countries” - Kwame Nkrumah, "Africa Must Unite!", 1960.

We have a lot of job to do and we need a spiritual and ideological guide to see us through. The honour we do to Nkrumah is for our own benefit, not for Nkrumah, because of what he represents! The very thought that you mention Rawlings and Kufour means thaat you don't even your political left from your political right. Rawlings is a political assassin and an extrajudicial killer who saved his arse from going to prison with entrenched constitutional provisions in the current Fourth Republican Constituion of Ghana. How dare you suggest that we honour such a person?

As for your lizard-eyed Kofi Diawuo, the least said about him, the better. Is not not ironic that our president showed more dilligence in ensuring the interests of his E.O cronies at the contract level, more than even the Republic of Ghana? Was it not Kufour who, according to Asare Ochere-Darko, secretly went into an agreement with the US to establish US Africa Command Headquarters in Ghana? Why does he not go to America to be honoured by his owners? Some slave-masters do that regularly!

The history of the political leadership of this country has virtually been a history of class struggle. It took the formidable personality and stature of Nkrumah to dwarf the well-entrenched colonialist elites like J.B Danquah, Kofi Busia and the rest of them.

The differences between what these figures represent to the poor and the rich of this country is stark clear. Whilst Nkrumah would argue for universal adult suffrage for all the citizens of the Gold Coast to the Coussey Committee, the neocolonialist elites whose pervert desire was simply to establish a class of their own, a colonial reproduction of Master-Servant relations with the rest of the population who happen to be poor, for maximum exploitation for the purposes of private profit.

If Nkrumah had not appeared on the scene, the poor of Ghana could have rightly argued that God really abandoned them in their moment of greatest need!

Thank you very much for your reading the stuff and for informing yourself. And please, do not forget that the human mind is like a parachute, it functions better when it is open.

Take good care of yourself and enjoy your life!

Happy New Year!

I avail myself of this opportunity, to extend to you, on behalf of the Odikro, Nana Akyea Mensah II, the assurances of our highest consideration.

Forward Ever! Backwards Never!!!


Pur'gu Saarpe!
Secretary to the Odikro, Nana Akyea Mensah II,

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