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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nkrumah Instigated The Apartheied System?

Kofi Sikadwa wrote:
     My father (God Bless his eternal Soul) was very much a supporter
>     of Dr. Busia's reforms aimed at curtailing the colossal
>     appurtenances of the colonial burden bequeathed to Ghana
Ebeii ooooo uncle Kofi:
Stop corrupting the minds of the youth in this forum.  Your Busia had no
reforms. In fact, he didn't have any plans to initiate any long or short-term
His only development plan took place in Brong Ahafo at Wenchi, to be exact.
I'm sure when your man went to Tema, Accra, Kumasi, Temale, or Takoradi
back in those good old, blessed days; he very much, quietly appreciated and
enjoyed the fruits of Osagyefo's development plans in action.
I still wonder why you guys are still dragging Nkrumah's name in the mud after
all these years, even after he has long been vindicated by posterity regarding the
bitter-lies-of-post-Kotoka-Afrifa-coup justification.
Cape Coaster
The Odikro's Comment:

Great one there! Okoampa just published a pathetic article as though Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo is going to contest the forth coming elections in 2012 with Kwame Nkrumah! (Read: Feature: Nkrumah Was A Bad Joke!) Apart from hints that Okoampa's own father was an Nkrumahist, and perhaps there is a very simple psychological explanation to this strange and utterly disgusting obsession with Kwame Nkrumah, the only other viable explanation ought to be found in the realms of psychiatry.

The NPP obsession with Kwame Nkrumah and their constant attacks on him, 45 good years after his overthrow, the way Akufo-Addo is increasingly imitating Nkrumah's style of speaking, the swing of the hand, and speech cadence, or his chief propagandist, Gabriel Asare Ochere-Darko's attempts to convince Ghanaians that by allowing foreign military bases on our soil, we would be proving to the whole world that "the black man is capable of managing his own affairs", thus quoting Nkrumah, are all tell-tale signs that these are very troubled and tormented souls indeed!
Kwame Okoampa, who also boasts of his membership to the Governing Body of the Akufo Addo propaganda outfit ostensibly called Danquah Institute, is once again trying to confuse the young ones about our sacred history. Reading Kwame Okoampa, one gets the impression that he is ready to put his hands into fire and swear that the racist Apartheid regime was  in actual fact, the brain-child of Kwame Nkrumah!

According to Kwame Okoampa Ahoofe, Jr., it was Kwame Nkrumah who instigated the racist whites in South Africa to oppress black South Africans! Okoampa has made a lot of wild claims over the years. For instance he once wrote that it was not Nkrumah and the people of Ghana who fought and won their independence for themselves, but "
U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “Atlantic Charter” is what we must give thanks to rather "than any single or even group of African leaders"!

The following is, as they say, from the horse's own mouth:

"At best, it is a pleonastic declaration that Ghanaians would rather do without; for, ever since those of us who are about Mr. Mahama’s age can recall, including the vice-president himself, March 6 has always been an invariably monotonous celebration of Kwame Nkrumah, almost as if the Nzema-Nkroful native was the only Ghanaian citizen who significantly contributed to both our beloved country’s attainment of sovereignty from Britain and the massive decolonization of the African continent which latter landmark, by the way, had far more to do with U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “Atlantic Charter” than any single or even group of African leaders.” (See: March 6 has always been a one-man show, anyway, by Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., Feature Article, Monday, 15 February 2010)."

It took me a few seconds to decipher what the purpose of Okoampa's article was. The message they are receiving regularly is that Africa is changing. Even very powerful dictators who were perceived as stooges of imperialism are being toppled like a pack of cards. The political narrative has been one of identifying African leaders who systematically and lamely ask "How high?" whenever the imperialists ask them to jump, and chase them out of town into the bush!

It has therefore become very necessary for any clever imperialist stooge worth his salt, to cover their tracts. That is why they are hiding! The problem is that if we allow them to succeed, it will be very difficult for patriotic Africans who genuinely seek the well-being of Africans to distinguish between these imperialist stooges from the Osagyefos of Africa. They are like a strain of virus that is mutating to adapt to the new political environment.

Instead of changing their ways and creating a space for themselves, they want to take the place of our heroes and rewrite our history accordingly. The last thing Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo and his cousins, Okoampa and Ochere Darko would admit publicly is that they are imperialist stooges. All three of them support the establishment of US military bases in Ghana. In fact Okoampa even became more Catholic than the Pope, when he wrote a whole feature article to attack the US Embassy in Accra for coming out to deny rumours that the Kufour Administration and the Bush Administration had made a deal to establish US military bases in Ghana and a Headquarters for the US Africa Command or Africom.

Ochere-Darko seized the occasion of the first visit to Africa south of the Sahara, by the first African-American President of the United States of America, President Obama, his wife, and their two adorable children, to pull a fast one on Ghanaians.
One trick Ochere-Darko used which I have never forgiven was to make it look as though allowing our lands to be occupied by a foreign military power is a from of liberation! Here is what he wrote:
“Obama’s chief policy adviser assured Africans two months before the 2008 presidential race, “Barack Obama understands Africa, and understands its importance to the United States. Today, in this new century, he understands that to strengthen our common security, we must invest in our common humanity and, in this way, restore American leadership in the world.” Now is the chance for him to seek and effect the real change that will finally show the world that Africans are capable of more than managing their own affairs – but, crucially, Ghana must take up the opportunity provided by the state visit and the U.S.’s burgeoning strategic interest in us, to be the nation that demonstrates this. – Gabriel Asare Ochere-Darko, ” (Obama’s Visit – What’s In It For Us And U.S.?”,Feature Article of Monday, 25 May 2009. “The author of the article is the Executive Director of the Danquah Institute, a think tank based in Accra.”)

Thank God Apartheid is no more! But that is certainly not the end of our problems. The biggest danger facing the West African region today is simply because at a time when the discoveries of new oil fields across the globe is slowing down, whilst others are saying we have already reached the "peak of petrol", new discoveries of oil fields in West Africa are double that of the discoveries being made around the globe in the last decade.

The reasons why the South Africans suffered so much was because it was not easy for the imperialists to even imagine how they could let go of the diamonds, gold, uranium and other precious minerals which God had given to them! Are we not going to draw any lessons from such an expensive history? We are talking about oil here!
“Oil is unique in that it is so strategic in nature." That is how Dick Cheney described in in 1999 in London when he expressed his thoughts publicly, for the first time about the "peak of petrol": " We are not talking about soapflakes or leisurewear here. Energy is truly fundamental to the world’s economy. The Gulf War was a reflection of that reality.”

It is quite logical to suppose that Kwame Okoampa, whilst blaming Kwame Nkrumah for collaborating with the Apartheid regime, would quite naturally give all the praises to the Americans for the policy of "constructive engagement" labelling Mandela as a terrorist, and Houphiet Boigny who even received birthday presents from the racists in South Africa. Of course, the liberators would also include Dr. K. A. Busia who joined Houphet Boigny to call for a dialogue, at a time that the racists were gunning down unarmed protesters in the streets, and an overwhelming majority of black South Africans, and all their liberation movements had ruled out dialogue, and are calling for diplomatic, economic, cultural, sports, and comprehensive boycott, peppered with a guerilla warfare of liberation.

From the way things are going, if ever Ghanaians make the mistake of electing this man, Mr. Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo as their President, God forbid! We shall wake up one day to hear one of his cousins or even himself coming out to tell us that he, the President, has lost confidence in the people. Therefore he has decided to dissolve the people, and appoint a new people!
Forward Ever! Backwards Never!!!

Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro

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