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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BBC Must Explain The Disappearance of A News Story!

The Following Link Has Disappeared:
Pan-Africanist Int.
PanAfricanists Pan-Africanist Int.
BBC News – Ivory Coast: French soldiers ‘hand Gbagbo to rebels’ – http://bbc.in/hfadjU

BBC Breaking News
by TheOdikro
adviser says French special forces have handed Ivory Coast incumbent leader to rebel opposition, says Reuters

Pan-Africanist Int.
@ "French special forces have handed Ivory Coast incumbent leader to rebel opposition"? Is that the latest spin in town? Shame!!!

Original Story:

"French soldiers have seized Ivorian leader Laurent Gbagbo from his residence and handed him over to the opposition, a Gbagbo aide has said.

They reportedly went in after French tanks advanced on the compound in Ivory Coast's main city, Abidjan, following French and UN helicopter attacks.

Mr Gbagbo is refusing to cede power to Alassane Ouattara, certified as the winner of the presidential election.

UN peacekeepers accuse Gbabgo forces of endangering the civilian population.

"Gbagbo has been arrested by French special forces in his residence and has been handed over to the rebel leaders," presidential spokesman Toussaint Alain told Reuters news agency from Paris.

News of the arrest was later confirmed by the French ambassador for AFP news agency."
See: http://www.modernghana.com/news/324090/1/breaking-news-ivory-coast-french-soldiers-hand-gba.html

As Long As The Press Get Away With Anything, Everything Is Possible!

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Nana Akyea Mensah The initial account of French soldiers arresting a constitutionally recognised President Gbagbo and handing him over to the "internationally and unconstitutionally recognised" rebels begin to disappear! The BBC link: "BBC News – Ivory Coast: French soldiers ‘hand Gbagbo to rebels’, now leads to a very contradictory account of the original story, with the original one nowhere to be found!

Coalition Against Foreign Military Intervention in Africa (CAFIA)
International Solidarity Committee
Pan-Africanist International
about a minute ago · · 1 person

The Pan-Africanist International is launching a campaign to compel all the principal actors who have obviously misled the public as to who did the arrest of President Gbagbo and why the story is no longer the same as they themselves said in the beginning that this was the case.

In this first instance, we are launching this particular campaign to compel the BBC to come out and explain why they chose to suppress a very important piece of information on the arrest and detention of a President of a sovereign country by a former colonial exploiter and hand him over to what still remains a "constitutionally reecognised loser of the elections" and a leader of "internationally recognised" rebels?

We agree with Craig Murray on this:

"This is a tragedy for Africa, because it devalues democracy. Ouattara, with a strong personal push from Sarkozy, secured international recognition for his election victory. In truth it was an extremely dubious election, with no freedom for Ouattara supporters in the South or for Gbagbo supporters in the North in a poisonous contest. It would have been better for everyone if Gbagbo had accepted that he lost and left quietly. But the truth is that both sides’ claims of victory are fallacious. This was nothing like a free and fair election. Somehow the UN and the international community finds itself in the position of imposing by force, fighting alongside the perpetrators of massacre, the “democratically elected” victor. This denigrates democracy."

Now, all of a sudden, after voices such as this, and others like the Inter City Press, New York, the Coalition Against Foreign Military Intervention in Africa (CAFIA), which on Tuesday began its league of demonstrations across West Africa and the rest of the world, kicked off in Accra, Ghana, "on Tuesday demonstrated against foreign intervention in African countries and the capture of Former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo by the French Special Forces in 0Cote d'Ivoire." GNA April 12, 2011, all of a very strange unjournalistic sudden or selective technical errors, the original story on BBC website is even difficult to be traced in google cashe. What is the meaning of this? This is the question Pan-Africanists want the BBC to answer. Please share this and spread the word until they have no choice to to answer this loud and clear!

UNITED NATIONS, April 11, updated -- After wire services in Abidjan reported that the French tanks from the Force Licorne assaulted the residence of defiant leader Laurent Gbagbo, seized him and turned him over to Alassane Ouattara's forces, Ouattara's envoy to the UN called Inner City Press over.
“Tell your colleagues,” he said. “I have an announcement to make.”
As UN TV fine tuned its microphone and Inner City Press announced the impromptu stakeout by Twitter, Bamba stepped to the mic. As a major US news channel begged him to do it “first in English,” Bamba announced the arrest of Gbagbo in French.
Inner City Press asked Bamba to confirm or deny that the French Force Licorne actually took custody of Gbagbo, then handed him over to Ouattara's forces.
No, Bamba said, denying it. The Forces Republicain de Cote Ivoire made the arrest.
 Matthew Russell Lee
 “Multiple reports say that over 30 French tanks (or armored vehicles), each with four to eight French soldiers inside, moved on Gbagbo’s residence on Monday morning, after France and the UN hit it with air strikes overnight. The question of who “made” the arrest is a broader one.”
This exactly how the news was broken to all of us. It is certainly not the same thing as what Bemba is claiming. Earlier on, there had been reports that President Gbagbo was about to surrender to the rebels. This was just three hours after Aljazeera reported that Gbagbo had refused to surrender:
by PanAfricanists
Ivorian leader denies move to surrender – Africa – Al Jazeera English english.aljazeera.net/news/africa/20… via @ajenglish

Hours before the raid, the lies surrounding Ouattara’s victory had just began to crumble and tumble down:
PanAfricanists Pan-Africanist Int.
Ouattara may not have won elections-US senator: http://bit.ly/flLGTj via @addthis
10 hours ago
The true accounts, as corroborated by the news reports from the very people mentioned in the report below, available to the public and widely circulated by the corporate media is as clearly explained below:

"Ouattara’s forces had been unable to take Gbagbo’s residence for the past 10 days, and on Sunday it seemed that he was beginning to expand the area under his control. The concerted action on the part of the French and the UN mission in Ivory Coast, UNOCI, was designed to rapidly bring the fighting to a close.
According to media reports, French helicopters and tanks bombarded the compound, where Gbagbo had taken refuge during the fighting in Abidjan.
Supporters who were in phone contact with Gbagbo before his surrender insisted that he gave himself up to French troops. Toussaint Alain said that Gbagbo had been “arrested by French special-forces in his residence” and “handed over to the rebel leaders”.
Gbagbo loyalist and adviser Zakaria Fellah said that the claim that Ouattara’s forces had carried out the operation was “absolutely untrue”. He said, “This operation, the final assault, was carried out by the French troops.”
Another Gbagbo supporter, Ahoua Don Mello, told reporters, “President Laurent Gbagbo came out of his bunker and surrendered to the French without resistance.”
But the conspiracy to subvert the will of the people of the Ivory Coast has many front-lines. Also at New York, "Inner City Press asked chief UN Peacekeeper Alain Le Roy to explain French foreign minister Alain Juppe's statement this week that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon supports his position that Gbagbo must sign an agreement ceding power to Ouattara. (Ban's own ostensible spokesman Martin Nesirky told Inner City Press on the same question, “I don't speak for the foreign minister of France.)"  See: France helps seize Gbagbo in Ivory Coast

Also, another one:

"Inner City Press: President Ouattara has said that he intends to, quote, “starve out”, i.e., blockade the residence of Gbagbo so that no water or food goes in and so then he has to come out. And I just wondered what is, not Mr. Le Roy or Mr. Choi Young-jin, what’s the Secretary-General, what’s his position on that?
Spokesperson Nesirky: Well, as you know, it is in the title that Alain Le Roy is Under-Secretary-General reporting to the Secretary-General. He is in charge of peacekeeping operations. And what is happening with the Mission in Côte d’Ivoire, he will be briefing the Council and after that, I am sure he will be happy to speak to you, including on that topic, if he has an update." 

Very pertinent one there!

I think they are running away from the political blow-back and how this will impart negatively on their puppet. Also, they may not want to be responsible for what happens to Gbagbo, even though they will decide his fate!

They have a lot of reasons to hide:

"The action of the French Special Forces in capturing President of a Sovereign State and handing him over to rebel forces is a violation of international law and an attempt to impose the wishes of French ruling elite on Ivorians," the coalition said in a statement issued in Accra."

Pan-Africanist Int.
Pan-Africanist Int.
France helps seize Gbagbo in Ivory Coast. Toussaint Alain: "Gbagbo “arrested by French special-forces in his residence”
2 minutes ago

BBC Breaking News
Ivory Coast´s Laurent Gbagbo has surrendered and asked for UN protection according to an internal UN document seen by Reuters

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