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Monday, August 22, 2011


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Author: Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro
Date: 2011-08-22 16:23:50
Comment to: I Swear, I Didn’t Set This Up!

a companion of the black star!


Kwame Okoampa at it again! Excited, as usual, because this is not about Ghana's development, but an occasion to proclaim his Akyem supremacist views.

I know what you are doing. There can not be war in Ghana if there are no tensions. Very few Ghanaians are ready to believe that people like you even exist. I knew you were ready to support La Cote d'Ivoire when the then President Laurent Gbagbo claimed Ghanaian territory, you were equally excited and supportive of his move. Here is what you wrote then:

"I am glad that, finally, the Ivorians are beginning to assert their right of access and enjoyment of Ghana’s purportedly new-found oil wealth... It also didn’t quite make a lot of sense to me that an oil find that lay so dangerously close to Ghana’s border with Côte d’Ivoire would also have been so [godlessly] uncharitable as to neatly parcel itself out for the exclusive benefit and enjoyment of Ghanaians while the war-seasoned Ivorians continued to languish in penury." - "Who Are These “Parliamentarian Drivers”? By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., Ph.D., Feature Article of Tuesday, 16 March 2010.

To Okoampa's great disappointment, Ghana did not have to go to war with the Ivory Coast! In much the same manner, it is important for all Ghanaians of sound minds no to bother this obviously afflicted individual.

The moment you know that Kwame Okoampa is seeking to create a crisis situation in Ghana, such as an inter-ethnic strife, in order to provide a pretext for his imperialist owners to "intervene" on "humanitarian grounds", you would know where I am coming from.

What explains insulting a whole ethnic group as a part of an electoral campaign? Do you think it is to get their votes? Think again! It is to provoke them to insult back and raise the inter-ethnic animosity. What Okoampa and his owners need to get their man as President is not the vote of Ghanaians, but the support of the "international community" once a conflict begins!

Kwame Okoampa is one of the very few Ghanaians who advocates the establishment of US Africa Command headquarters in Accra. He does so with another Akufo-Addo lieutenant, Mr. Gabby Asare Ochere-Darko. We all know very well how it is always Africans who are cutting each others' throats, and the imperialist come in like Knights in a shinning armour to save us from our stupidities!

What if we are not that stupid? What if we simply fall to the temptation because some of us are paid by interested parties to incite and provoke needless inter-ethnic tensions and strife? What will happen if we ignore such people and no war comes to pass? They lose! We win!

People of Ghana, I call upon you to ignore Okoampa so that we can win this struggle for Peace in Ghana 2012!

Forward Ever! Backwards Never!!!


Pur'gu Saarpe,
Secretary to the Odikro.

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