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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Comment: J. B. Danquah Remains A CIA Asset, After Okoampa...!

Comment: J. B. Danquah Remains A CIA Asset, After Okoampa...!
Insufferably nonsensical! What Ghanaians want to know are the facts. Did J.B. Danquah go to the US Ambassador to ask why the CIA had stopped paying stipends to his wife? That is the question! Stop beating about the bush and tell us why the CIA was paying these "stipends"!

Did J.B. Danquah go to see the then US Ambassador to Ghana, after Nkrumah had pardoned him and other detainees on June 2, 1962, to ask “why the funds his family had been receiving during his imprisonment had been cut after his release”?

"Earlier on, the author had described postcolonial Ghana’s pioneering premier as “the self-styled leader of Africa.” But what is even more intriguing about Mahoney’s book is the author’s suggestion that “Kwame Nkrumah of Africa” (the way the Show Boy desired to be known and identified) may well have orchestrated his own exit from the Ghanaian and continental African political scene."

Is that supposed to be a denial or a confirmation?

Google "J. B. Danquah Was A CIA Asset!" and read about the facts of the case Okoampa dares not mention!

Forward Ever! Backwards Never!!!


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