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Thursday, August 29, 2013

COMMENT: BBC: Ghana Supreme Court upholds John Mahama's win

BBC: Ghana Supreme Court upholds John Mahama's win | General News 2013-08-29 

My views on this is exactly the same as those of Pan-Africanist International when asked what was the mood before the Judgement Day, yesterday by Radio XYZ:

"Complete indifference! It does not matter which way the verdict goes! Ghana's political class has betrayed the people of Ghana over the most fundamental issue to the well-being of the good people of this country. Both the NDC and the NPP unanimously voted for the imposition of Genetically Modified Foods on Ghanaians without a discussion, or any specific mandate from the people who voted them into Parliament. The NPP government introduced the Bill in 2004. The NDC government passed it into law in 2011!

They have both betrayed our trust, our health, and our environment. they pretend to be fighting each other, but they agree on imposing dangerous genetically modified organisms into our food chain! They should give us a break! The charade is too much! It is time our politicians from both sides of the political divide are made to account for their irresponsible behaviour of placing the future of Ghana's agriculture into the hands of foreign multinational corporations of doubtful intentions and abilities!"  See: https://www.facebook.com/FoodSovereigntyGhana/posts/487273241363199

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