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Friday, August 27, 2010


The issue of  genetically modified organisms or GMOs as commonly referred to is quite a troubling phemenon facing the world today. It is in this sense that the impending conference under the auspices of Mr.Kofi Annan  is bound to stir a controversy or two. For some of us, this must be a wake-up call for Africa to stand up, open our eyes and made the appropriate and urgent demands before it is too late!

A friend recently commented on this:

"It bothers me a lot that Kofi Annan is connected with AGRA.  Maybe he believes that US mechanized and chemical agriculture works well.  Most people in the US do, aside from family farmers who see the effects first hand.  I have a good friend who works for the US Dept. of Agriculture and thinks this kind of agriculture really is the best and that Monsanto is a boon to mankind.  We have had several heated discussions.  In fact Monsanto is destroying land, causing chemically induced human diseases, creating super weeds and economic havoc in many parts of the US farming areas, particularly in the midwest and the south.  I've read heartbreaking stories, but don't have the links now.

I've always had enormous respect for Kofi Annan, I do not understand his participation in this and it bothers me a great deal.   Even though I respect him there are no free passes with a subject like this."

It is very important that each and everyone informs him or herself properly before making informed opinions on the matter.

1. Here is the announcement:

Kofi Annan Hosts Forum On Africa's Food Security

Wednesday August 11, 2010
By Samuel Amoako

As part of efforts to realise his dream of ensuring food security for Ghana and other African countries, Mr. Kofi Annan Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan will host African and some world leaders to a forum the of Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) in Accra in the first week of September.

AGRA formed by Mr Annan works to achieve food security and prosperous Africa through the promotion of rapid sustainable agricultural growth based on small-holder farmers.

The forum will discuss how to improve the methods of farming on the continent and promote food security.

Mr. Annan disclosed this in Accra yesterday when he paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Alhaji Mohammed Mumuni.

The meeting with the minister centred on the discussion of the developments in the African region and efforts being made by Ghana to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Mr. Annan who on retirement from the UN expressed his desire to promote the attainment of food security, said it was important for farmers in Africa to be assisted by their governments in diverse ways to be competitive with their counterparts in other parts of the world.

Unfortunately, he said, assistance in the form subsidies on farm inputs was non-existent in most African countries and therefore the forum will stress the need for government to pay attention to those areas.

He said he could not have achieved what he did at the UN without the support of Ghana and the people, adding, “no Secretary General of UN could achieve success without the contributions of the civil society.

He therefore called for the collective effort of all in the process of developing the world.
Mr. Annan said “I did it my own way and l am happy that whatever started is being built upon.

Alhaji Mumuni said Ghana and Africa take pride in the achievements of Mr. Annan who served the world body with distinction, adding that “you are one of the iconic personalities in the world.

“During your stewardship at the UN, we noted with admiration achievements in world security and that legacy was outstanding”.

The Foreign Minister said Mr. Kofi Annan also worked to protect humanity and the fundamental human rights of people during his tenure as the head of the UN.

“You promoted the setting up of the International Criminal Court to protect people from crimes against humanity, genocide and ethnic cleansing,” he said and added that those were achievements which serve as encouragement to the people of Ghana.

He assured Mr. Annan of government’s support to promote food security in the country.

2. Here are very important links if you want to have an idea of what this is all about:

What the enlightened public must drum down home into the ears of our leaders, including Mr. Kofi Annan may be found in the following links on the subject:

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Very important:
*Voices From Africa: African Farmers and Environmentalists Speak Out Against
A New Green Revolution In Africa

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Genetically Manipulated Crops: The GMO Catastrophe in the USA. A Lesson for the World
- by F. William Engdahl - 2010-08-18
Mounting Opposition to GMO Crops: The World’s People Reject Genetic Pollution of Food and the Environment
- by Rady Ananda - 2010-08-17


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