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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

COMMENT ON FACEBOOK: PV Obeng hit the nail…chronicle Editorial

Ken Amakye Ansah-Yeboah: PV Obeng hit the nail…chronicle Editorial

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Nana Akyea Mensah
It is not the political parties that need to come together to plan for all of us, if we must escape this trap. It is the people who need to inform themselves, irrespective of political 'suation. The reason political parties in power manufacture these programmes is not for "national development", but to create "jobs for the boys".

The more the ... See Morepeople show concern for genuine national development programmes, the less the parties would be the audacity of the party in power to play politics with this issue. It makes no sense to ask political parties with conflicting ideological perspectives on development issues to draw a dynamic programme. We have to make a fundamental choice to be a neocolonial state or an independent state seeking to consolidate this with other African states with one history and one common destiny! So far as the NPP remains an agent of neocolonialism, whatever they may propose for our national Ndevelopment is bound to buttress our economic underdevelopment. So far as the NDC remains a social democratic party, it shall continue to accommodate the neoliberal paradise of the international banksters and their monopoly capital at the expense of the poor and the marginalised.

A true national development initiative must be a grass root affair and a subject of mass education. The pros and cons must be openly debated. Corporatist measures that are socially exclusive and corporate dominated by way of profits reduce us into the slaves of capital. There is a line to cross. We must go back to study the last serious attempt to develop the country. We must revive the Nkrumah development plan.

Forward Ever! Backwards Never!!!

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