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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One thing leads to the other. A deal here with Apartheid South Africa on "Dialogue", the first African president to sign the discredited Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU, even though an overwhelming majority of Africans called the deal a neo-colonialist sell-out. The first African president to sign this bogus deal was Kufour!  In a situation where our colonial occupational forces continue to point out to us, who are leaders ought to be, nothing surprising here. As far as May, 2000 Amnesty International reported: "In May John Kufuor, leader of the NPP, and three visiting Italian politicians from the Forza Italia party were detained overnight at police headquarters. The authorities said that they were suspected of breaching immigration regulations.

The victims said they were arrested as they were leaving the country, held for 15 hours without food or drink, and questioned in detail about their activities in Ghana. The NPP said that the government was seeking to deter its legitimate contacts with foreign political leaders and businessmen."  (Amnesty International Report 2001, Covering events from January - December 2000, GHANA.) Considering the zeal with which this corrupt/elitist-NPP Kufour had been in the driving seat in leading Africa to sign away AGOAs, EPAs, the right of US soldiers, even if they are wanted for crimes against humanity, including genocide, to pay us 'visits' without the threat of being arrested and tried by the international criminal court! Why should it surprise anyone that the UNIcef ambassador against hunger, who believes only the lazy people starve, is once more back home after a sell-out,, as usual!

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