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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Author: Office of Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odik
Date: 2011-03-16 04:07:10

a companion of the black star,


This is amazing! If I had not had the chance to read this nonsense from you this morning, I would have been carrying the impression of you as a young, brilliant and peace-loving Ghanaian!

What went wrong? Of course, in 2008 most of us were worried that Ghana, our beloved country was going to plunge into a civil war. Very few of us were satisfied with the utterances and aggressive behaviour of the two front-liner parties in the race.

Even the Church failed us as leading clergymen took sides and started to give the so-called "Rawlings Hit-list" a life of its own. One such notorious priest was Reverend Dr. Asante-Antwi, who doubles as an NPP political commando, a founding member, member of the party's disciplinary committee, member of its Council of Elders, etc etc...!

Fortunately the truth came out before their lies could take roots. The e-mail was debunked and proven as a hoax originating from the campaign manager of Mumuni Bawumia, the Vice Presidential Candidate of the NPP! I want him to challenge me so that I come out with the evidence!

Ghanaians proved more intelligent than these merchants of death and destruction. I also read your comment on the most stupid international position on the Ivory Coast in which the NPP wanted Ghana to follow the machinations of France and the US to go to war with the Ivory Coast.

You said something that I thought marked you out as a wise and extremely thoughtful person. In your opposition to the war, you wrote:

"War is very easy to start, but nobody has a control over how it will end and the shape it will take."

This is why I agreed with you then and disagree with you today! War is not something that any sane person must wish for his or her country!

I can quote your exact words:

"Those clamoring for combined military attack to remove Gbagbo are overlooking a lot of things.

First and foremost the ECOWAS and AU must clearly define and tell the people what "LEGITIMATE FORCE" means. Again they must tell us how and who will bear the blow back costs of such war.

It is very easy for those far removed from the theater of war to say let's attack Ivory Coast and remove one power-addict from power. But look carefully; there are many Gbagbos around Africa. Of the 53 African countries out there, less than 10 have democratically elected presidents. Most of them came by the barrel of gun, have metamorphosed to "civilian" presidents, and the new tact is change their constitutions to remove term limits to stay on for practically life-time. Are we going to attack them too? If not, then why the Ivory Coast? Who is driving this, ourselves or France and the USA? And for what reason, the oil of Ivory Coast?

Again where is the success of the AU and the ECOWAS? Stupid PM of Kenya was the first to call for military strike; however, his country is in a similar situation. He is power sharing with the incumbent why he wouldn’t call for a military strike on his country? Again next door to Kenya is Somalia. What has the AU been able to do in Somalia? Somalia is a failed state and that is exactly what we will get if we make the mistake of invading Ivory Coast. Gbagbo is not without support, he has the massive support of the south and the army. We might ignite genocide and massive bloodshed if we invade Ivory Coast and Ghana will not come off without a scratch, WE WILL BEAR MAJOR SOCIAL, ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL COSTS for ourselves and our citizens in the Ivory Coast. Our oil rig and fields will be a fair game for the Ivorian military.

The Americans went into Iraq thinking it will be a piece of cake and they will be greeted with roses; ten years later it has taken a massive toll on their economy and lives running into billions of dollars and still counting. Today Iraq is ethnically and politically divided with no end in sight. Do we want such an outcome on our borders and not expect it will have impact on us?

War is very easy to start, but nobody has a control over how it will end and the shape it will take. The Ivory Coast is divided along ethnic and religious lines, practically down in the middle. Who are we to impose a new balance of power over there? It is not just about Gbagbo. It is the people stupid, and we must look before we jump. Dialogue is the way forward not invasion. Sanctions have been imposed on Gbagbo, why can't we wait to give it chance to work? Why are we rushing to invade the country when we have not even had chance to evaluate how the sanctions will work? France is the one pulling the strings here. They can't wait to get the Ivory Coast under their thumb again like it used to be. In Gbagbo they have run into a real Afrocentric individual who wants to break free from their neo-colonial yoke. This is what all these are about.

France’s failed colonial and post-colonial policies have come home to roost. We should not allow ourselves to be drawn to do somebody's dirty business. Their companies control the Ivory Coast to the hilt and they stand to reap hefty benefits at the outcome.

What is in it for Ghana? That is the question." (See: Comment: I SUPPORT MILLS ON THIS 100%!!!!! Author: OYOKOBA, Date: 2010-12-30 09:13:32, Comment to: N ON S E N S E, Ghanaweb General News of Thursday, 30 December 2010, "Ghana opposed to force against Gbagbo").

If your intelligence is still there, I would like you to compare what Mr. William Kofi Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo said in his "all die be die" speech and that of President Mills in which you claim he "threatened to induce Kenya in Ghana if the 2008 elections did not go smoothly - free and fair - back in 2008"

Here is what Akufo-Addo said:

"They have made up their minds that they are going to intimidate us in 2012." Akufo-Addo was caught on the microphone, speaking in Twi, an Akan language, 'I sometimes explain this as the claim that we Akans are cowards. They argue that if one is able wound one or two of us, then all the rest of us remaining take to our heels! Is that so? Well, We shall see! Atiwa for example, was a little illustration of this. During the by-elections at Atiwa we did "something small" that showed a little bit of this. And so we have to understand that this party was formed by brave men. Our elders who formed this party which is now the biggest political party in Ghana, were not people who were hiding under beds! The courage that is needed now to face the 2012 elections is 'All die be die! All die be die!' Nobody is a man more than his fellow! Nobody more manly than the other. No matter how tall you are, no matter how small you are in size, by God's plan, all of us are endowed with exactly the same thing. You cannot tell us that you have three inside yours. All of us have how many? Two! Ha! ha! ha! So we are going to pick up courage. Ghanaians need us to come back to power. Whatever courage we need to stand firmly and to ensure that we come back to power in 2012, we are going to have to do it!" (Transcription by the Office of the Odikro, from audio, source: @joyonlinenews: Listen to key voices on Nana Akufo-Addo's 'all die be die' /dlvr.it/Gb2v7)"

Now, compare that with what President Mills said in 2008:

“I want to repeat with all the force at my command, the warning note that I
sounded last year (2007) that should there be another attempt by the ruling or any other party at the December elections to steal the verdict of the people the National Democratic Congress and all fair minded Ghanaians will categorically
reject out of hand the fraudulent results so proclaimed and will adopt all legitimate means, to seek redress to any such political misconduct. The NDC would therefore like to assure every Ghanaian that it will not allow the NPP in the coming elections to repeat such a disgraceful conduct as it did in 2004...It (NDC) therefore urges all Ghanaians and the international community to draw
useful lessons from the on-going Kenyan conflict situation and the unacceptable conduct of elections held recently in other African countries with a view to ensuring that they are not replicated in our dear country at the next general elections.

We wish to take this opportunity to warn also against the kind of pre-election violence that has taken place in Pakistan with the unfortunate assassination of Benazir Bhutto and to urge the ruling NPP government to ensure the safety and security of Presidential and Parliamentary candidates as well as all citizens in the coming elections,”

In what way can you say that this was a call for war? Who sounds like a tribal warlord here?



Pur'gu Saarpe!
Secretary to the Odikro, Nana Akyea Mensah II,

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