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Friday, March 18, 2011


a companion of the black star!

Hello Wise-Talk, UK,

I was just wondering whether this is the same old friend "Hard-Talk UK"?

Sir, I wish to appeal to you to join me in focusing on what unites our two sister African countries, rather than what divides us. For as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King puts it, "we are caught up in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied under a single garment of destiny" especially as black Africans, "and whatever affects one of us directly, affects all indirectly"!

As a convinced Pan-Africanist, it bleeds my heart to see how some of us spend the little precious time we have attacking each other and creating divisions especially between different ethnic groups and countries!

I have always opposed Kwame Okoampa, the most famous Nigeria-basher on Ghanaweb. I have already joined Hard-Talk, UK in dealing with several Ghanaians who senselessly attack Nigerians just for the fun of it, so if you happen to be Hard-Talk, this would be quite fortuitous because I am making this personal appeal to you to kindly stop your harassment of Noko Bi who is doing a yeoman's job on the NPP, the real enemies of Nigerians in Ghana!

As you can see, I am making this appeal directly to you, putting aside the traditional protocols of speaking through my linguist or my secretary, as I normally do in almost all the discussions here on Ghanaweb. This must surely demonstrate the importance and the sense of urgency I attach to this.

Please, I appeal to you for a cease-fire. I would like you to contact me by e-mail, if you would be kind enough to oblige, and time permits you. I shall ask Noko Bi to do the same and I would be extremely happy if I could be useful to help two Pan-Africanist brothers to smoke a peace-pipe!

I avail myself of this opportunity to extend to you our warmest greetings and the assurances of our highest consideration.

Forward Ever! Backwards Never!!!



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General News of Wednesday, 23 March 2011
Source: citifmonline

Ghana against 'no fly zone' in Libya

Another appeal posted today: 20th April, 20011
Author: Office Of Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odik
Date: 2011-04-20 04:25:49


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