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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Read Article: Prof Kludze calls for a repeal of the Transitional Provisions, General News of Thursday, 25 February 2010, Source: GNA

Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.
2010-02-25 18:11:20
Comment to:

Hi Law of Karma,

I have been reading some very silly posts attributed to you. They are mainly tribal focused. It is as though the only political issue that matters to you is tribalism.

The transitional provisions of the PNDC came into force after eleven years of the PNDC misrule and not twenty as you claim. Also, the NPP leadership was very complicit in the acceptance of these obnoxious provisions.

You've got your facts wrong! I do not know who drafted the Transitional provisions on behalf of the PNDC. I do know that it was inserted in the constitution BEFORE the referendum. I know this because I was part of a group who opposed it. We tried to recruit Akuffo Addo, Adu Boahene and other leading members of the Busia-Danquah neo-colonialist tradition to support this. I was not at the meeting between Kwesi Pratt, Jnr. and Nana Akuffo Addo. Kwesi told me the same day that Akuffo Addo understood the full implications of accepting the unacceptable, and AGREED with Kwesi to join the campaign to vote NO in the referendum and DEMAND a TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT to oversee the transition and to promulgate the Fourth Republican Constitution.

I have on my desk a little book published in 1993 with the title: "PPDD SPEAKS!" with the sub-title: "Selected statements on the National and International situation issued by the National Co-ordinating Committee (NCC) of the Popular Party for Democracy and Development (PPDD)"

In this book there is a statement that was issued at a Press Conference at the Ringway Hotel in Accra, on Wednesday, October 21, 1992.

The PPDD had earlier on called for a NO vote to the referendum. All the other political parties, led by the NDC and what is to be the NPP, the Kwame Nkrumah Welfare Society, etc called for a YES vote! The result was an overwhelming YES!

I have read over and over Prof Kludze's comments out of respect for his legal brains, to see if he comes with anything new to the table. I still don't see anything new!

Prof Kludze described a transitional provision in a given legislation as a temporary arrangement that took care of inconsistencies that might arise when a new law came into effect but stressed that those in the 1992 Constitution were crafted with the intent that they should be enduring as long as the constitution remained in force."

This is not different from my own understanding of the provisions from day one. The ONLY solution was not to accept it. By asking Ghanaians to vote for it, the NPP is as guilty as the NDC which also asked Ghanaians to vote for it!

I remember an old Comrade, the late S. S. Barfour-Awuah, who used to be the Secretary-General of the African Youth Command telling me, when the NPP began boycotting parliament in the first session of the parliament, that they should have listened to us and boycotted the elections.

The PPDD gave all the reasons why the elections ought to be boycotted. These cheap and childish opportunists, once more, did not take any heed!

The statement concludes: "We call on the leadership of all the democratic forces to sink their petty differences and abandon their naked ambitions to enable us present a common front against dictatorship. It is still not too late for democratic forces to come together to work out the details of how to defeat the PNDC dictatorship and to define a programme for genuine transition to democratic rule. The PPDD is convinced that the PNDC has already rigged the elections through the manipulation of the process of transition from military dictatorship to democratic rule and no useful purpose would be served by the pretension that we can beat the PNDC at its own game."

The NPP and the others did not heed this call. They suffered a humiliating defeat. The international observers concurred that the elections reflected a fair expression of the will of the people! Of course, they acknowledged a few instances of malpractices, but said they could not have influenced the overall results.

The NPP, after not listening to us realised their own stupidity and published a book with the title: "STOLEN VERDICT" and proceeded to boycott parliamentary sittings throughout the first session of parliament.

They behave like children, but they are not. So what is wrong? It is their greed and stupidity at work! These are children who are warned not to play with knives. They hide and play with the knives all the same. And when they are cut, they cry as if you are responsible for their wounds! It is not a serious party!

The CPP is going to take over from the NPP as the largest opposition in parliament in the 2012 elections!

Forward ever! Backwards Never!!!


Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.
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