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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Comment: Re: What about your CPP?

Comment: Re: What about your CPP?
Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.
2010-02-03 12:07:34
Comment to:
What about your CPP?

Hi Ike,

Happy new year to you too! I wonder why you think the CPP is going to disappear! I pray that you live long enough to see the CPP in power. And this is going to be sooner than you think!

The NPP is in auto-destruct mode and nothing can stop that! The ONLY solution open for this "Akan Party" is to field the Ashanti giant with the Akyem dwarf as flag-bearer and running mate so that the rest of Ghana can conveniently vote against them! Failure to do so shall see members of the NPP voting with the rest of us to vote them down!

Thanks for your advice! The CPP is waking up slowly! I personally want to make sure the NPP is safely away from power before we rock the delicate balance that keeps the boat afloat and the elephant in the bush! I am happy so far as the NPP is out of power! For me, that is already half of the victory. The other half is the CPP coming to power.

Forward ever! Backwards Never!!!


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