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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Read Article: Business News of Monday, 8 February 2010, Source: Reuters, "Ghana blocks Exxon $4 bln deal for oil field stake-WSJ"

Author: Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.
Date: 2010-02-09 12:42:53


Shame unto you! We know whose ancestors sold who! Every Ghanaian knows this! Don't you feel any sense of shame whatsoever? The NPP has tried to rewrite our history since the J. B. Danquah failed in his bid to turn Ghana into a neo-colony!
Find out about the history of the Busia-Danquah neocolonialist tradition, and you would know why this party is very close to certain royal families who were very violent and aggressive all over the place looting and stealing human beings in exchange for whisky and gun powder! The reason why these people had this chance was because the British permitted them to fool around under the system of indirect rule. People like J. B. Danquah foolishly thought that the "power" of their kings even included the right to cut off the heads of their subjects for ritual sacrifices! For these people, the ordinary Ghanaian was, at best, just a second rate citizen, or at worst a mere slave! We still see this attitude here in this forum where some Ghanaians are called Ghanaians whilst other citizens of the same country are called Togolese! Strangely enough, the "Togolese Ewes" in the Volta Region were those like S. G. Antoh who wanted to secede to join "Togoland" with the Volta Region. When Nkrumah banned the tribal parties, all of these evil groups came together to form the United Party. It was made up of genuinely inward-looking, Ghana-hating secessionists from the S. D. Dombo people who wanted to break away the Northern part of Ghana from the rest of the country, to the Manshyia palace where Bafour Osei Akoto was busy with his Mate Meho terrorists! In the Volta Region the group that joined this Busia-Danquah neo-colonialist tradition was led by S. G. Antor of the Togoland Congress.

You cannot pretend not to know this bit of your party's history because I know J. B. Danquah told you that on the 17th of October, 2008 at 09:49:03!

Here is the comment. You may go to Ghanaweb archives and look for: 'Feature Article of Friday, 17 October 2008, Columnist: Senaya, Xola
"The Ethnic Problem In The Ghanaian Body Politics And Its Security Significance"'. You would see the following:

Comment: To Tenuvie
Author: J. B. Danquah
Date: 2008-10-17 09:49:03
Comment to: .Togoland Congress

"Yes, the Togoland Congress was formed to fight the independence of a 'whole nation' and S. G. Antoh was not even Ewe. But in its outlook, the TC could be described as a tribal party. The northern areas of TVT were not particularly interested in that party and voted against separation in the 1956 plebiscite. The TC also had only 2 seats and did not do well in the other non-Ewe speaking areas of the region. It is just like today's NPP calling itself 'national' when it is, in fact, not very national."

This was your response to that comment:

"Comment: Re: To Tenuvie
Date: 2008-10-17 20:46:32
Comment to: To Tenuvie

You are wrong, J.B, NPP won a seat in every region and despite it being strong in AKAN areas does not make it a regional Party. No Regional Party can win national elections in GHANA.

Will you call the REPUBLICANS and the DEMOCRATIC PARTIES in USA as not national because the DEMOCRATS are strong in the EAST and the REPUBLICANS ownS the SOUTH?

In Every country that practise DEMOCRATIC form of government, most national Parties have their strong base and weak bases but that does not make them Regional Parties.

In GHANA, NPP, NDC and CPP can be called NATIONAL PARTIES while the rest of the PARTIES like EDWARD MAHAMA PNC is a typical REGIONAL "

As usual, your response to that is irrelevant. The people who hated to join Ghana in the Volta Region, merged with the Busia Danquah tradition. They are still there in that party. If you trace the roots of all top NPP leaders in the Volta Region, past and present, you would appreciate the import of this statement.

In Accra, the Ga land for Ga people only who wanted to take the capital away from Ghana and form their own country was led by Obetseybi Lamptey's father! As usual, from a royal family! Nkrumah, the Nzema prisoner in Ussher Fort Prison overwhelmingly defeated this colonialist stooge who was receiving lots of money from the colonial government to fuel his campaign and make sure the "dangerous Gold Coast leader, Mr. Nkrumah loses"!

Some historians have observed that the geographical distribution of centres of political irredentism all over the country, from the North to the South, Volta to Accra, East to West showed that the British colonialist chose political sabotage as a means to slowing down "Kwame Nkrumah's alarming calls for self-government now!"

I remember the wisest thing Kofi Annan ever said to my hearing was during his triumphant return to Ghana after serving as UN Secretary-General. He castigated African leaders publicly for attending the Africa-China Summit as individual states without a collective strategy for the integrated development of the contitnent. It was during the tenure of the NPP and the Kufour Administration was at the fore-front of this one-on-one approach and once again stupidly let our chances for a rapid economic lift-off pass us by! Today we are powerless alone before the Chinese. If we choose any American oil company, we are simultaneously bringing USAfriCom closer and closer! I prefer any business deal that does not entail the installation of foreign military bases on our soil to the militarization of commerce and the removal of our sovereignty from under our very feet!!! No way!

I think the President has made the right decision! The people who have systematically been the enemies of everything Ghanaian are once again at it! They have never changed since their invention by the colonialists! For them it is better for a foreign filthy-rich multinational benefits to the tune of 4 billion dollar interest rather than the poor people of Ghana! To hell with these people! If it takes a deal with the Chinese or Chavez or even the Iranians to secure a good piece of the action so be it!

Sarpong all of a sudden does not even know which royal families in Ghana were engaged in the slave trade and which political parties they traditionally support!

Wonders will never end!


Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.
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