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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ghana, Election 2012: Foot Notes Of A CPP Foot Soldier

PLEASE NOTE: I intend this to be the final results of a collective effort. I am working very slowly but surely on this. Your comments are indispensable. Please come back to see the evolution of this work and give your comments. - Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.

I am a foot soldier. I do not want to kill anybody. I am not running for office, but I am a soldier in the decision-making process. I represent myself. I do not delegate my opinions. After all, this is a democracy.  I am running for the respect of my rights as a human being as an end in itself, and not a means to an end. I am in this campaign because I know that if I can reach out to as many people who think like me, together, we can not only make a difference in the identification, defence, and the advancement of our common interests, we shall also prevail.

 This is not an invitation to friends and relatives, and people who personally like me. This is an invitation to all those who are sincerely burning with the desire for peace, social justice, human rights, the ecology, and social progress.
I want to see genuine peace and social progress.   I want to see the certainty of the law applied across the board to cover all, rich and poor alike. Throughout history, it is not the poor who call for war, it is the rich. It is also not the rich and the affluent who die at the battlefields, even though, they call the shots. It is the poor.The poor are often divided among themselves over which rich man to support in most electoral campaigns, instead of thinking about themselves.

If my current predictions are anything to go by, the 2012 race for the seat of government is a straight match between the incumbent, President John Evans Atta-Mills of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo, the last presidential contender for the New Patriotic Party, (NPP). There are internal dynamics going on in both parties, which seem to indicate an impending voter-apathy. Depending upon the demography of strongholds, this can make the results a little bit tricky for either party.

There is no doubt that the Ashanti Region is the stronghold of the NPP. There is also no doubt that it is the region likely to score the highest number of apathy within the NPP, if one can go by the spate and depth of complaints from leading politicians of the party in the region. Likewise, the conflict between NDC founder, Ex-president Jerry John Rawlings and the President of the NDC Administration, President John Evans Atta-Mills is bound to ensure a voter apathy in the region. A large voter turnout from specific regions can only imply a conscious determination of a particular group of people to soldier on until the final victory. These are the people who are going to emerge as winners.

 Situational Awareness:

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  There are several reasons why I believe it is very important to veto the vaulting ambition of what I easily suspect to be the most dangerous political operator on the African continent today.

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