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Wednesday, July 28, 2010




Author: Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.
Date: 2010-07-28 20:46:58
Comment to: Nana - a sure banker!

Hi Daniel,

Good day. How are you? By the grace of God I am also fine, thank you very much. I just wanted to say that the reason why the Akonfem and Paul, the Octopus were interesting was because they were not following any known scientific methods. In today's world, a news-worthy prediction of the sort from a fellow human ought to necessarily be backed up with hardcore scientific methods of social research calculated to include margins of error, that is, if you care to be taken seriously.

What are you trying to prove here? Are you another animal who is not required to provide scientific evidence of your predictions? What is your zoological genus, species, order, class, or any other categories of classification you may know about yourself? I shall cross-check the information you provide before I take anything you are saying seriously. How can you make such outrageous predictions without any attempts to follow the minimum of reliable social research methods? Are you a guinea fowl?

What is the basis of the following:

"With the depth of information available to me, I will stick my neck and shout to all who care to listen that come August 7, 2010, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo will surely become flag bearer of the great Osono Tradition, thereby shattering the dreams and aspirations of all those banking the hopes on the prediction of Octopus Paul. After August 7, the Octopus of a ‘predictor’ like the Akonfem man would have no place in the history of this country for his ‘unpredictable predictions’"?

There is nothing wrong with campaigning for Nana. And there are so many beautiful ways to do so without being dishonest. If you were hundred per cent certain that your Nana was going to win, you would not have bothered to issue this propaganda thrash in the first place. Why campaign then? Why dont you people stop campaigning, if you are so sure of victory, and leave us in peace? Are you trying to tell me you went to the Central Region to meet Nana Ato Arthur of the NPP and could not even mention his name correctly? Did you meet with Nana Ato Dadzie ot you met with Nana Ato Arthur?

Here is what you wrote:

"I spoke to a member of one of the groups led team led by Nana Ato Dadzie, immediate past Regional Minister. He told me in no uncertain terms that that it is the way a child opens his hand that a piece of meat is given to him and that Nana has extended an open hand policy to all Ghanaians, both NPP and non party men and woman and that Nana would surely win."

You are plainly boring. We have finished the World Cup with their Octopus and Ankofem stories. We have moved on. The stuff is off-focus and off the news-stands. You have the easy manners of an akpetshie bar scholar. They usually make, what they consider, speeches of their moments of illumination. To get the right balance you have to regulate your dose, as too much of everything is bad. It seems Danquah took a bit too much of ogoglo, but not in sufficient quantity to knock him down, hence this article.

Reading through your work you remind me of a friend who used to sing Christmas songs during Easter, because the issues at stake now is not who is going to win the elections. the principal issue is one of the credibility not only of the elections and eventually that of the flag-bearer who emerges from the congress, but of the entire National Executive Committee of the NPP. Let me share the following thought with you. It is confidential. Keep it to yourself and think seriously about it. And begin to wonder with all your might how could you have been so blind that the seed of defeat have already been sown?

Here we go:

It is now coming to light the details of the tactic the Akufo Addo camp adopted to cheat in the last elections at Kumasi. What I find very curious and honourable of Stephen Ntim to have kept his cool and done what he was supposed to do: following party procedure, even if it meant writing his petition addressed to the National Chairman, who is the suspect in the case.

In my opinion, the National Chairman erred in his response to Mr. Ntim, for not involving fairly neutral hands to handle this particular highly sensitive petition. The reason is very simple: you cannot sit on your own case as an interested party and give judgement at the same time. This is a fundamental principle of jurisprudence which gives meaning to the so-called party procedure they are busy calling everybody else, except themselves, to follow. Yes, Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey did not follow party procedure when he took it upon himself to respond to the complaint from Mr. Ntim, even though an interested party himself, saying "the election committee would rather consider resolving the issues concerning the electoral irregularities and not necessarily investigating the matter," And what matter was that, if one might ask? It is becoming increasingly clear that a very clever swindle took place at the Kumasi Congress which elected the current party executives.

The Alan Kyeremanteng camp which is now being maligned as not following party procedure, dutifully wrote a three page petition to the National Executive Committee through the National Chairman. They deserve to be applauded because following party procedure, meant a cheated Ntim writing a three page letter detailing his case and seeking appropriate remedies, to the cheating Jake. Despite this great sign of political goodwill and desire to keep the family strong, they received only a four-line response from the one who cheated him, saying "the election committee would rather consider resolving the issues concerning the electoral irregularities and not necessarily investigating the matter,"

It was Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey, who sat in judgement in his own cause, who did not follow party procedure. What does the swift response from the Council of Elders meeting with the aspirants tell you? They reacted swiftly because of the press conference which threatened a boycott of the August 7th Congress if their legitimate grievances have not been looked into, BEFORE the Congress, and not AFTER, because they are also learning from their bitter experiences. You can only step on the balls of a fool once, not twice. Are the so-called Council of Elders not aware of the way the party chairman misconducted himself in the way he handled a sensitive petition from his own party opponent? What have they been waiting for to resolve all these outstanding issues?

And now, all of a sudden, every fool remembers something called party procedure. If the electoral committee was doing its job according to party procedure, there would not have been all these qualms and the need to follow any procedure in the first place. And the reason why party procedure is not being followed is because someone who is in control of the compiling wants to keep it that way for obvious reasons. The trouble is that these reasons are also quite obvious to the opponents. Whilst you have one side doing their own thing and not respecting the rights of others, it is a bit too much to ask the other side to play it by the book, especially, as the suspicion of vote rigging is as thick as is a blanket.

Whilst no one has chided Jake for not following party procedure, every one in the Akufo Addo camp is competing with one another as to who would shrill the loudest about following party procedures. A nice example of this is what my grandson is doing here, but there are more. The General Secretary of the Party, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie has for instance, not taken kindly to the approach adopted by representatives of the four candidates and hinted of possible sanctions against them. A member of the New Patriotic Party Council of Elders Appenten Appiah Menkah, an Akufo Addo hard-liner, has also expressed shock at the ongoing media war between four presidential candidates on one hand, and the national executives on the other. “I don't believe anything within the party should be in the public domain,” he told Joy News. A former General Secretary of the party, Dan Botwe was equally appalled with the decision of the four candidates to go to the press. He described as unacceptable the actions of the four, saying their grievances about voters register "is much ado about nothing".

If I were Akufo Addo, and I was very sure of myself of victory, I would do everything to ensure transparency as much as possible to ensure my political legitimacy. But Akufo Addo is not me, and it appears he has other campaign issues higher on his agenda than a dangerously transparent, free and fair elections that stupidly run the risk to scupper what seems to be a very elaborate and expensive scheme of rigging the elections in his favour. So far, it is not clear whether Akufo Addo really wants to win the 2012 elections or this is just a personal ego trip, irrespective of the results. If this is true, then he does not necessarily need any form of cooperation from the recalcitrant four. So why not, it is very necessary to insist on party procedure and doing nothing meaningful about the complaints until after the Congress, when, hopefully it might be too late, and as everyone knows today, Jake would be on stand-by to issue another four-liner.

This is a prediction form Nana Akyea Mensah, an experienced ghost: Another four-liner is awaiting the shepple. They would try to fool some of the shepple, some of the time, until we enter the ballot box. And like Somerset Maugham children, they shall forever continue to build their statues of snow and never stop weeping to see them melt.

Have a nice day!

Forward Ever! Backwards Never!!!


Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro

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