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Thursday, March 18, 2010



Date: 2010-01-09 12:07:45
Comment to: Ghanaians evacuated from southern Italian town

'Italy's Interior Minister Roberto Maroni prompted a storm of criticism from the leftist opposition by suggesting that the violence was the result of not addressing the issue of illegal workers in the country.

"There's a difficult situation in Rosarno, like in other places, because for years illegal immigration - which feeds criminal activities - has been tolerated and nothing effective has ever been done about it," he said according to Italy's La Repubblica newspaper.'


It is very important not to generalize that all Italians are racists! As much as this is not true, it is also unfair to our friends who happen to be white Italians who risk their lives defending our rights!

If we have any problem at all, it must be with those among us who sell us out! The Italians are dealing with the racists in their midst, but if we do not cut off the idiots and traitors among us who make them strong, their struggles shall be in vain!

Our own leaders flirt and stoop so low before these racists just for their thirty pieces of silver for the series of betrayals! This must never be allowed to happen again!

The Forza Italia party that is in power and talking this nonsense began financing Kufour a long time ago! They reaped their full political and financial dividends at our collective expense to the harm of our Italian friends! This is a party whose leader owns more than half of the Italian mass media, and whose alliance with the ultra-racist Northern League Party are making the lives of Ghanaians and other foreigners a living hell!

I remember when Kufour was arrested with some leading members of the Forza Italia in Ghana in the year 2000, Amnesty International made some noise about this. Fortunately, today, it is the only clean confirmation of the links between the NPP and those who look down upon us and want to continue their exploitation and abuse of the black man as it was in the beginning of our encounter with them!

It shall not be so in the END:

"In May John Kufuor, leader of the NPP, and three visiting Italian politicians from the Forza Italia party were detained overnight at police headquarters. The authorities said that they were suspected of breaching immigration regulations. The victims said they were arrested as they were leaving the country, held for 15 hours without food or drink, and questioned in detail about their activities in Ghana. The NPP said that the government was seeking to deter its legitimate contacts with foreign political leaders and businessmen."

- Amnesty International Report 2001, Covering events from January - December 2000

Quite strangely, the New Patriotic Party of Ghana has very strange alliances with all the racist political parties in Europe! If you check the membership of the International Democratic Union (IDU) to which they are the only fully registered member on the African continent, you shall find quick confirmation to what I am saying here.

These are the white supremacist stooges who jumped into a dialogue when the world was calling for a cultural, diplomatic, social and economic boycott in order to dismantle the system because Apartheid could not be REFORMED through dialogues! Busia and his band of stooges betrayed Africa! Just as those before him sold some of us for whisky and gun powder! We need leaders who think systematically of the weak and the poor, for they are many! After all, this is supposed to be a democracy and not a plutocracy!!!

Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.
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