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Thursday, March 11, 2010



Author: Nana Akyea Mensah, The Odikro.
Date: 2010-03-11 17:04:20

Hi Richard,

Nice to see you again! Are you offended or something? I think I can reduce your problem to one question. You write:

"Does it also mean that if NPP did something wrong, and another party is repeating the same, everybody should keep quiet?"


The NDC is not repeating the sex without condoms scandals of the NPP joyrides! In fact this mission is even crucial to our national development. The people on this trip are qualified journalists and not girl friends of ministers. They are not being paid a per diem of five thousand dollars to attend a State Banquet at the White House with Mr. Bush! I am asking Mr. Prah to climb out of the gutter, wash the smelly filth of his body and join in a more decent debate in the street. The people in the street are also vigilant. We do not need gutter vigilantes!

By the way, whether you like it or not, the days of the NPP are over! NDC is going to retain power, come 2012! The CPP is going to take over from the NPP as the largest opposition in parliament in the 2012 elections! And if you like, we shall make our first real dash at it in 2016.

I can assure you however that from the level of growing political awareness in the country, it is very safe to assume that we shall be back in power by 2020! God willing! In the meanwhile, considering the balance of forces, and how evil the NPP has proved to be, we shall make sure that we do not rock the boat too much to let it slip again into their thieving hands!

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